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  • There are many benefits to a manicure other than beautiful nails at the end of the treatment, if you are booking a manicure for a purpose please let us know so we can ensure you receive the treatment that is specific to you. Your reason maybe relaxation or to maybe to improve the skin condition of you hands and arms by improving blood circulation or to improve your nail condition if this is the case we will ensure we pay particular attention to these areas so you leave having had the perfect treatment.

    Express Manicure – £15
    Soak, File, Cuticle Tidy & Polish

    Manicure  – £25
    Hand Soak, Cuticle Tidy, File, Massage & Polish

    Gel Nail Red Polish - Lovingly ChicLuxury Manicure – £30
    Manicure treatment with the addition of Hand Mask & Heated Mitts.
    The Heat therapy will help your hand take in the mask
    and sooth and relax muscles and joints in your hands

    For these treatments we use LCN Polish and Faby Spa Products (Manuka & Moringa Complex paragons and petrolatum free).

    Polish colours - Lovingly Chic


  • Red Pedi - Lovingly ChicThere is nothing better than a perfect pedicure, when you leave with soft feet free from hard skin, beautifully shaped and polished toes nails. Doesn’t matter if you are getting ready for a holiday, to wear flip flops or just so you can take your shoes and socks off at home and have lovely feet, a pedicure is a perfect treat whatever the reason.

    Pedicures also offer the recipient fantastic benefits such as improved skin condition of feet and legs, improved nail condition, improved circulation and of course relaxation and time for you.

    Express Pedicure -£20
    Soak, Exfoliate, File, Cuticle Tidy & Polish

    Pedicure – £30
    Soak, File, Cuticle Tidy, Exfoliate, Foot File, Massage & Polish

    Luxury Pedicure – £35
    Pedicure Treatment with the addition of Foot Mask & Heated Booties.
    The Heat therapy will help your feet take in the mask and sooth and relax muscles and joints in your feet.

    For these treatments we use LCN Polish and Faby Spa Products (Manuka & Moringa Complex paragons and petrolatum free).

  • Bio Glass Product Lovingly ChicLCN Gel Polish Soak off Gel Polish System cured with LED lamp.
    Longer lasting alternative to standard polish, dried quicker, keeps its shine and no smudging.
    Removed with Acetone.
    LCN Colour Gel LED cured gel, fantastic over enhancements or natural nail. Acid free, removed by buffing not with Acetone.

    Express Manicure – £20
    Express Pedicure – £25
    Includes file and cuticle tidy

    Manicure – £30
    Pedicure – £35
    Includes Soak, File, Cuticle Tidy Exfoliate & Massage

    Luxury Manicure – £35
    Luxury Pedicure – £40
    Includes Soak, File, Cuticle Tidy, Exfoliate, Massage, Mask and Heated Mitts or Booties

    Removal of LCN Gel Polish or LNC Colour Gel – £10

    Removal of Gel Polish & Re-application – £25
    Includes Soak, File, Cuticle Tidy.

    Removal is £5 if you are having a Manicure/Pedicure or Luxury Manicure/Pedicure.

  • French Extensions - Lovingly Chic
    Gel Nail Extensions – Sculpted – £40
    Sculpted extensions using sculpting foils to create the perfect shape and length 
    LCN Sculpture Formatur is  especially developed for sculpting extensions, extremely high break resistance,flexibility and perfect shapability.
    Removed with Buffing

    Acrylic Extensions – Sculpted – £40
    Sculpted extensions using foiled to create the perfect length and shape.
    LNC Ultima Acrylic powder and liquid system is self curing, long lasting durability and no discolouration.
    Remove with Acetone

    Gel Nail Extensions – Tips – £30
    Using tip extensions to create the length desired. 
    LCN Cosmiq gel is used to create the strength and shape of the nail extension. 
    Removed with Buffing

    Acrylic Extensions – Tips -£30
    Using tip extensions to create the desired length 
    Removed with Acetone

    Gel Polish and Coloured Gel Finish -£5

    Loose Glitter Addition
    Accent nail on each hand £2
    Full Set £8

    In-fills/Rebalance – £20
    frequency will differ for each person usual recommendation is 2-3 weeks.

    Single Nail Repair – £7

    Extension Removal – £20
    1 hour
    includes a natural nail treatment and tidy.

    Natural Nail Overlay – £25
    To help strengthen week nails

  • Do you bite your nails?
    Are your cuticles sore because your a nibbler?
    Do you want to stop?

    We can help! the nail biter programme is for you if you have answered yes to 1 of the above questions. You need to be ready to stop, you need to be self motivated to stop and together we can achieve your goal.  Nail biting is psychological and habitual so you need to be completely invested in this programme time, money and self belief that you can do this and if you can this programme will be a success for you.

    Bio Glass with nails - Lovingly Chic

    What we do
    Consultation Appointment – This is our first meeting, we will discuss your goals and your availability, treat your cuticles to some TLC and apply a small nail to your little finger to see how your tolerate the nail.

    1st Appointment – week 0 – Manicure and First Treatment (application of nails allow 3 hours) – receive your take home product bag.
    2nd Appointment – week 1 – Maintenance Manicure
    3rd Appointment – week 2 – Infills and Colour change
    4th Appointment – week 3 – Maintenance Manicure
    5th Appointment – week 4 – Infills and Colour Change
    This continues unto week 8

    This frequency will continue for up to 8 weeks by which time you should be able to go 2-3 weeks in-between infills.
    Nails grow quickly at the start of the treatment and its important at this stage the maximum care and attention is given to your nails during these weekly appointments.

    Upfront charge will apply for this programme
    Whats included:
    All weekly appointments upto and including week 8, starter kit take home bag, up to 3 emergency appointments during the 8 weeks for breakages or just to make contact of you feel you are having a bad day we can arrange a mini manicure to spruce the nails up again and work of distraction techniques.
    ONLY £389

    Whats next?
    You may love having sculpted nails and want to keep them on or have them longer this should be possible at the end of the programme OR you may want to consider the natural nail care programme. The great news is it will be your choice and you should have broken your habit.

    About the products used in this programme
    All products will be LCN  using either Cosmiq Gel or  Bio Glass Gel “nail nurse” (see news for more information on this amazing product)

  • Beautiful natural nail - Lovingly Chic